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– Finding a decent place to live with housemates you don’t want to kill by the end of the year can be surprisingly difficult! Here, Anna Ryan from UCD shares her hard-earned wisdom in the field of house-hunting.

  1. Thou shalt choose your housemates wisely. It’s said that you never really know someone until you live with them. Very true. You’ll become intimately familiar with each other’s drinking habits, hygiene, music tastes etc. You and your best friend might become total hated enemies after living with each other for nine months, purely because one person is extremely clean and the other is not. Think long and hard before you move in with your girl/boy-friend or your best friend. If you are one person moving into a house with people already living in it, things become much more difficult. Talk to everyone in the house before you agree to rent the room. It really, really makes your college year a strain if you don’t get on with the people that you live with, so be very careful. Read the rest of this entry »

– Seanín Ní Connalláin writes about the ongoing campaign in Queens’ University Belfast to resist the outsourcing of security jobs to notorious security firm G4S.

ISLO - G4s privatisation

Over the past number of days, students at Queens University Belfast have been mobilising to prevent the privatisation of security positions at the Students Union.

Currently QUBSU employs 18 security staff, of which around 90% are current students or graduates of the university. Door security is currently outsourced to G4S for events, with the rest of the security being provided in house. At the beginning of April, security employees of the SU were informed that contracts they currently hold would be terminated at the end of this month (May 2013) to make way for the outsourcing of their positions to private security company, G4S. Employees are currently in the position of having to decide between accepting a zero hour contract with G4S or losing their job.

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In his debut for the blog Frank Doherty writes about the recent student union elections in NUI Galway and how these compare to how things were done in the past

Students’ Union full-time officer elections took place on Thursday, 7th March. At the same time, a referendum of the SU’s position on women’s reproductive rights and the on-going national struggle to provide access to abortion for all women was balloted. Read the rest of this entry »

In his debut for the Irish Student Left Online Garrett Mullan adds to the ongoing debate about USI  citing his own experiences of Students’ Unions in both England and Ireland. This piece is reposted from Garret’s own blog over here.

In 1999, two years after tuition fees had been introduced in Britain.  I stood with a slate of candidates on a platform that we would use the student union resources to campaign against tuition fees. I had already been campaigning against their introduction since before they were introduced by the Labour government. Read the rest of this entry »

Obligatory first blog post. Those of us at ISLO are very happy to welcome you all to the site. We hope it will be the start of some very stimulating discussion and debate. The following is just a little bit about Irish Student Left Online and its plans for the future.

Founded in January 2013, Irish Student Left Online is a blog set up to give space for the radical student voice studying in Ireland. Alongside discussing the ever present issues of student fees, grant cuts and the continuous neo-liberalisation of third level education, both in the Republic and in Northern Ireland, it will discuss wider topics such as abortion legislation, LGBTQ rights, anti-racist/anti-fascist movements,  feminism, anti-war and of course the wider anti-austerity campaign.

The second function will be to start a discussion and debate on exploring the possibilities of what the student movement can be beyond the usual lobbyist tactics of recent years and how a broad left student group could develop to cater for a united and truely progressive student movement.

If you would like to get involved  in Irish Student Left Online, feel free to drop us an email at

Look forward to reading, writing and debating with you all,

-Comrades of Irish Student Left Online 

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