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Interesting little piece from Aidan Rowe on an Irish nationwide university speaking tour of a Canadian speaker from the mass student strikes in Quebec in 2012. If anyone would like to help organising at your university level, or know anyone who would be, link is at the bottom of the piece. 

In 2012 the attempt by the government to Quebec to introduce a 75% fee hike was defeated by the organisation of a mass student strike that lasted over 6 months. That fee increase was part of the global process of imposing the privatisation and commodification of education. Since the victory, organisers of the strike have been being doing speaking tours to aid the process whereby “youth and students everywhere are becoming increasingly conscious of the need to organize as a means to defend education as a social right”. In September this tour reaches Ireland where we need to hear how a sustained and militant student movement that can win is built. We want you to help in ensuring a really good turnout for all of the Irish dates of the tour.

Poster for speaking tour that starts this September.

Poster for speaking tour that starts this September.

There are two purposes to the tour. Firstly so that we Read the rest of this entry »


– Seanín Ní Connalláin writes about the ongoing campaign in Queens’ University Belfast to resist the outsourcing of security jobs to notorious security firm G4S.

ISLO - G4s privatisation

Over the past number of days, students at Queens University Belfast have been mobilising to prevent the privatisation of security positions at the Students Union.

Currently QUBSU employs 18 security staff, of which around 90% are current students or graduates of the university. Door security is currently outsourced to G4S for events, with the rest of the security being provided in house. At the beginning of April, security employees of the SU were informed that contracts they currently hold would be terminated at the end of this month (May 2013) to make way for the outsourcing of their positions to private security company, G4S. Employees are currently in the position of having to decide between accepting a zero hour contract with G4S or losing their job.

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Róisín Jackman of Queen’s University Belfast writes about the controversy surrounding the removal of QUB Students’ Union delegate Aisling Gallagher, The NUS-USI Womens’ Officer,  from her delegation for claims that she voted against her Union’s mandate on abortion services twice. Róisín raises  questions about the legitimacy of these mandates and questions the democratic structures of the student movement. Business as usual some would say. Read the Trinity News story here.

Contentiously at this year’s Union of Students in Ireland (USI) Congress, a delegate from Queen’s University Belfast Students’ Union was stripped of her delegacy rights and barred from participation at Congress.  This was the result of her voting in favour of two motions which the Executive Management Committee (EMC) argued equated to her breaking QUBSU mandate. She initially received a warning having voted in favour of a pro-choice motion and was stripped of her delegacy after voting in favour of a motion instructing the USI Welfare Officer to lobby against agencies giving out misinformation to individuals who may seek abortions. Read the rest of this entry »

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