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This is a translation of an article originally published on Público on 11th March, by Pablo Bustinduy, about the new campaign launched by Juventud Sin Futuro (Youth Without Future), intended to politicise the phenomenon of emigration in Spain.


Illustration: Ramón Rodríguez

 The first thing the colonised learns is to stay in his place

-Frantz Fanon

Last week, the Juventud Sin Futuro (Youth Without Future) collective launched a campaign – #nonosvamosnosechan (we’re not leaving, they’re throwing us out) to denounce the situation of generalised precarity in which the country’s youth are living. The campaign’s web page compiles a series of hair-raising statistics: youth unemployment figures are rocketing, working conditions for those who do have work keep getting worse, and ever more people decide to leave the country to carve out a future somewhere else. There has been much talk of the carnage entailed by the brain drain, and of how the State has used public money to pay for the valuable training of young workers (doctors, researchers, healthcare workers, all kinds of technical experts, engineers, teachers, architects…) who are now being obliged to emigrate. The receiving countries receive these flows of qualified labour as if it were manna fallen from heaven; the German minister for Labour last week said that Spanish immigration was a ‘stroke of luck’. Read the rest of this entry »


In his debut for the ISLO Robert Nielsen goes through the bizarre and tragic nature of the recent “deal” on the Promissory Notes. Robert blogs over here normally. 

Whenever discussing the banks people often preface their comments by saying that they don’t know much about economics. It is assumed that the bank bailout only seems absurd due to a lack of economic knowledge, that in actual fact the government is following well-established economic principles. As an economics student, let me tell you that nothing is further from the truth. There is no economic logic or theory behind the government’s Read the rest of this entry »

Obligatory first blog post. Those of us at ISLO are very happy to welcome you all to the site. We hope it will be the start of some very stimulating discussion and debate. The following is just a little bit about Irish Student Left Online and its plans for the future.

Founded in January 2013, Irish Student Left Online is a blog set up to give space for the radical student voice studying in Ireland. Alongside discussing the ever present issues of student fees, grant cuts and the continuous neo-liberalisation of third level education, both in the Republic and in Northern Ireland, it will discuss wider topics such as abortion legislation, LGBTQ rights, anti-racist/anti-fascist movements,  feminism, anti-war and of course the wider anti-austerity campaign.

The second function will be to start a discussion and debate on exploring the possibilities of what the student movement can be beyond the usual lobbyist tactics of recent years and how a broad left student group could develop to cater for a united and truely progressive student movement.

If you would like to get involved  in Irish Student Left Online, feel free to drop us an email at

Look forward to reading, writing and debating with you all,

-Comrades of Irish Student Left Online 

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