Find below the ISLO collective’s editorial guidelines for publishing and comments. Please familiarise yourself with these before either writing an article or engaging in debate. Any queries relating to the editorial policy can be forwarded to

1) The ISLO and all of its related media (including, but not limited to, the blog, Facebook page and Twitter account) will strive to uphold the equivalent standards of a ‘safer space’ – this means that articles and media posted as ISLO content may not propogate oppressive or discriminatory language, behaviours or ideas or contain any content that is deemed to be sexist, homophobic, racist, transphobic, classist or ableist.

1a) Articles or other media which do contain oppressive or discriminatory content may be linked to or quoted for the purposes of discussion\criticism only and must be labelled appropriately.

2) Comments on all ISLO media will be moderated. While the ISLO is intended to stimulate discussion and debate, this must be done within a mutually respectful environment. Comments containing oppressive or discriminatory content as outlined in point (1) will be removed at the discretion of ISLO content editors. Abusive, threatening and intimidatory behaviour is not permitted and any such content will be removed. Repeat offenders may be banned, or banned after a single infraction, at the discretion of ISLO content editors.

2a) Deletion of comments and sanctions may also extend, within reason, to ‘trolling’ or deliberate attempts to derail discussions, at the discretion of ISLO content editors.

3) All content that is potentially triggering for survivors of rape, sexual assault, abuse, self-harm or suicide (or for other reasons) must be labelled with visible and appropriate trigger warnings. Users may request that a trigger warning be placed on any content deemed potentially triggering.

4) While every effort will be made to ensure the standards set out above will be applied, users of ISLO media must bear in mind that the internet is often unpredictable and uncontrollable, as is human behaviour, and that the ISLO cannot guarantee that all content will be moderated perfectly, and that they use ISLO media at their own discretion.

5) The ISLO operates under a strict ‘No Platform For Fascists’ policy.

6) Articles or other media intended for the ISLO should be posted in advance, internally, for review by the members of the collective. Content creators should only be prevented from posting their content to ISLO media if the content is not in accordance with the basic standards and principles of the ISLO. All ISLO content should aim for the highest standard of quality.

7) The ISLO is a broad-left, anti-capitalist, pro-feminist, pro-choice, pro-LGBTQ liberation, anti-imperialist, anti-racist, pro-Palestinian liberation publication and all content should reflect these basic standards. Political diversity and difference must be respected and no one particular ideology beyond these basic standards is paramount.

8) Decisions about the ISLO and its content should be open by all members of the collective, and no group, organisation, faction or clique holds any special rights or privileges.

9) Anyone posting content as the ISLO must be aware that they are representing the ISLO. ISLO media is not to be used for trolling, petty arguments or expressing one’s own personal opinion.

10) These guidelines are a reflection of the collective positions of the ISLO and are subject to review at the discretion of the collective.

-Your Comrades at the ISLO